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The HQRP Furry Microphone Windscreen is the protective microphone cover that is made of artificial rabbit fur. It provides the substantial reduction of wind noise by enhanced wind diffusion. The Furry Windscreen fits snugly over the standard windscreen to minimize the wind noise.

Compatible with:

Zoom H1

Zoom H5

Shenggu SG-108

Panasonic TM900

Tascam DR-05

Tascam DR-07 MKII

Tascam DR-40

Audio-Technica PRO24CM

Apogee Electronics MiC 96kHQRP® Furry Microphone Windscreen plus HQRP® Coaster;
Simulated Fur Windscreen; Helps to reduse the wind noise;
Reduces ambiance; Protects Mic from Moisture and Dirt;
Can be applied to shotgun microphones up to 3″ long and 40mm in diameter;
200 days warranty!