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Question: Allana, I’m 45 yrs old and finding myself having to divorce for a third time. I have two children from my first marriage, 21 and 18 that live away from home. I’m currently serving in the military yet will be medically released soon. My current separated from me two years ago, let me live with her yet I’m struggling to let her go. She’s now with somebody else. I’m not sure I can get over her. She’s told me to get the divorce. People have told me to block her number but I still have romantic feelings for her. At 45 with two children moving to a new town with no fish in the sea, how can I keep myself sane from being single? Maybe work on myself and my life without going insane from being alone! I know this sounds depressing as I’m still madly in love with my wife. I can not move on to hurt someone else. But I figured I would stay off dating sites and see what happens to me. Any advice?

Answer: Yes! A ton!!!! First, I am sorry, you seem heartbroken. Anyone divorcing for the third time would be. I totally hear you.

Good news is you are reaching out and taking responsibility for your part in this pattern which means you are maturing and evolving and ready to take a good hard look into what’s creating relationship breakdown.

May I be straight? You are way off-balance seeking safety and approval from the outside in from a relationship… does that make sense? It’s TIME to do the inner work to develop that sense of grounded’ness from the inside out. Stillness from the inside out regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship. Centeredness from the inside out regardless of circumstances. Presence from the inside out regardless of other peoples opinion.

Don’t worry, it took me two divorces to really recognize I was the only one in common and it was time to do the work! Humbling but true 😉

I am happy to receive your application for a one-time new-client discounted session on Zoom. It would be my privilege to rock your world with clarity, focus and a proven strategy to change this. You can apply at www.allanapratt.com/connect

Once we connect, we may decide the best strategy for healing is to go through “6 Pack to Success” private 6 session package together for this indeed is a pattern that you’re committed to changing yes?

Or we decide that my proven Home Study curriculum is the best fit. I’ve developed a phenomenal miracle producing 7 week Webisode Series where I incorporate the top 7 transformational process as I’ve developed over the past two decades that go beneath just thinking positive or affirming a better outcome (which in my experience is just sprinkles on ice cream cone of shit.)

Lasting change occurs when we heal at the subconscious level, clear cellular memories, heal imbedded images on our heart, rewire our brain synapses and central nervous system and hormone receptors into one where we dissolve our fight, flight or freeze trauma mechanisms.

I’m super proud of my Home Study program and hundreds of graduates have healed your very issue and manifested their beloved while staying TRUE to themselves. I know we’d all prefer a quick fix… yet healing from the inside out takes this 7 step process. It sounds it could be exactly the prescription you require 🙂

You can begin to heal things right away by registering at www.allanapratt.com/homestudy. My manager will respond right away giving you access to the Membership Portal and you’ll receive Week 1’s videos and homework right away.

You’ve addressed me by my first name so I’m assuming you’ve been receiving my newsletters for the past decade or been one of the 2.6 million views on my YouTube videos, yes? Then you trust me and please take my loving recommendation and begin my Home Study right away.

If you are reading this totally new to me, then you may prefer a taste of the power of my healing capacity at no charge, yes? I would love you to enjoy my complementary training for men found at www.gethertosayyes.com called How to be a Noble Badass.

Bottom line I am really impressed you’ve reached out. Noble men take action to change things no matter what their circumstances. Thank you for reaching out as it is the greatest privilege and honor to be living my life’s calling helping incredible people like you around the world end sabotaging patterns that create such suffering, and learn to see the gifts in the challenges life has given them… with so that together we can grow and evolve into the fullest expression of who we are.

I believe in you. You can change this.

Keep showing up to heal, and never give up.

Great love and blessings, Allana xox

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets