Image consultant tips in this article will help rock stars and musicians to enhance their look. We focus on the important elements of wardrobe, hair, and jewelry.


Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson all used image consultants to improve their look. If you are a rock star or musician or, indeed, a creative person in any field, you can also improve your image. The first thing to change is your wardrobe. Select things that will identify you as a member of the elite, which means you want to avoid the standard business fare that Wall Street bankers wear.

This does not mean you cannot wear a white dress shirt or a jacket, but it does mean that you won’t dress to look like a lawyer or banker while onstage playing the guitar or drums. Keith Richards, for example, often wears a white dress shirt, but he rolls up the sleeves and leaves the top buttons unbuttoned for a brash rock star look.

For men, a good shirt to wear is one with a ruffled front. This is known as the pirate or buccaneer look that was fashionable 200 years ago. But it also works well for contemporary guitarists and lead singers. Women love this look, and you will invariably excite your audience (both men and women) if you wear ruffled shirts.


Your hair can be short or long but it should not be neat. Neatness says business and you are a creative artist so your hair should always be disheveled. Think of Rod Stewart. Or the Beatles. Or Michael Jackson. You would not mistake these artists for bankers or lawyers.

If you are a woman you can have long hair and it can be permed or done in an updo like a beehive. It should have a sheen and a shine when onstage so that the lights reflect off it. This will excite your audience and stir their imagination.

Ever since the Beatles and their hairstyles, long hair has been associated with musicians. So, if possible, wear your hair long. While there are many successful rock stars with short hair, long hair is the best way to signal to the world that you are a rock musician.


Rock stars do not need to wear jewelry. But many of them do, and it should always be something that is not usual. Do not wear a simple ring. Make a statement with your jewelry.

Men can wear silver necklaces. They suggest romance to women in the audience. Women singers and guitarists can wear rings and big earrings. These items will reflect off the stage lights and excite the men in the audience. The jewelry you wear can be inexpensive as long as it is out of the ordinary.

Another good accessory is the belt. Women can wear wide belts to accent their waist. Men can wear leather belts to suggest masculinity. These belts can have metal studs and brass or silver buckles. These items will subliminally suggest dominance and submission to the audience and will enhance your stage presence. They will also look good in press photos.

If you choose an artistic wardrobe, hairstyle, and jewelry, you will look good onstage. Your fans will enjoy your show more and they will remember you and be more likely to fall in love with you from afar. And that, after all, is what rock and roll is all about.

Source by William Cane