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An intelligently designed earphone that offers users the best possible experience in comfort, listening and hearing protection

Maximum Comfort
Silicon soft earbuds for comfort, plus an aluminum alloy and zebra-wood body to reduce vibration and increase natural sound resonance.

High Quality Sound
Zebra wood improves the bass response and acoustic performance, while 8 mm drivers minimizes noise distortion.

Hearing Protection
These earphones utilize smart technology that, based on repeated scientific testing, produce the best possible sound frequency range to protect against hearing damage.

Environmentally Friendly Design
This product utilizes wooden and other environmentally friendly materials, and comes with a linen carrying bag and paper packaging.

Package Contents:
1*BH1005M Headphone
3*Silicone ear plugs (L / M / S)
1*Headphone carrying case
1*Instruction manual

Comfortable Listening: Utilizes the best materials and latest in earphone design to reduce vibration and increase inner ear comfort.
High-Definition Sound: 8mm drivers minimize noise distortion and maximize your listening experience.
Hearing Protection: Smart technology protects against sound frequencies that can cause hearing loss.
Built-in mic and remote control: Hands-free microphone and remote control allow you to easily answer calls, end calls and play music.
Environmentally-Friendly Stylish Carrying Bag: Both the earphone and accompanying carrying bag are made using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.