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16mm Guitar Killswitch, Momentary function – Cuts power to your pickups while pressed by shorting signal (Not cutting it with a POP!) & resumes to your normal guitar operation when you release it. For more customization options, check out our LED Kill-switches! Available in Black, Stainless Steel, & Vintage Gold finishes with several LED colors to choose from. Iron Age Guitar Accessories Handmade Guitar Picks, Gemstone-Topped Guitar Knobs, & Premium KillswitchesGet Insane Special Effects At Your Fingertips
Same Iron Age Quality & Functionality, for those looking for a more low-profile approach to their kill-switch. (No LED in this one)
Installation is a breeze! Our killswitches come with professionally soldered contacts & ready to drop into your guitar in just minutes. No more tacky “kill-boxes” or lugging around an extra pedal & cables. Rubber Gasket is included to protect your guitar’s finish underneath.
Works with BOTH active & passive pickups & looks great. Features crisp & responsive button-action for accurate activation every time.Install diameter is 16mm, same as our various best-selling LED models.
To install, simply connect 1 wire to a ground (Jack, Ground Plate, Back of Potentiometer) and connect the other lead to your pickup’s positive+ (At the Jack or Potentiometer). It really is that simple. All Iron Age Kill-switches are backed by a full 365-day warranty against defect & malfunction. **This listing is for the Chrome Finish** Check out our other listings for Gold & Black Finishes.