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This tropically flavored work features modern reggae sounds and sweet electronica goodness.

Flute – Lee Fitzsimmons * Marimba – Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass – Lee Fitzsimmons * Fender Rhodes – Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic ambience chords – Lee Fitzsimmons * Drums, shakers, triangle, and marc tree – Lee Fitzsimmons

This happy song is full of mirthful delight and playfully elegant sounds that tickle the funny bone of the ear. The main groove is established with the drums, acoustic bass, Fender Rhodes, and electronic ambience. They play a very thick two chord vamp as the triangle provides some neat syncopated rhythms. The melody (played on flute and marimba) enters over this vamp and plays over its cycle twice. The piece then enters the B section, as the melody begins a delightfully pleasant arpeggiated figure that leaps about playfully and ends on the high note of the piece. The various sections repeat a few times, and the piece ends with a brief coda and a final note.

The overall ambience of this work invokes the essence of joy and bliss found when the responsibilities of the world do not weigh heavily on one’s shoulders. Even though the cares of the world have not gone away, they are manageable and it is possible to still have a light heart. The currents of this piece also support a type of vibe that allows productive thought and action to occur as the strains of the melody sing within the soul so that one’s daily labor is a thing of beautiful existence and not an undesirable chore.

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets