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The JBL CSS-1S/T rugged enclosure is fitted with an included, easy-to-install ball-type wall-mount bracket that can pivot to aim the speaker in a variety of directions, or the speaker can be aimed straight out from the wall. The flat bottom surface of the cabinet allows the speaker to be set on a surface such as a shelf. A multi-tap, multi-voltage transformer provides taps of 10 and 5 Watts when driven from a 100V distributed speaker line and 10, 5 and 2.5 Watts when driven from a 70V distributed speaker line. Tap selection is accomplished via a switch that is accessed from the back panel. The speaker has a power handling of 60 Watts continuous average pink noise (100 hrs continuously) when set in its 8 Ohm Direct setting. Also in this bundle is the JBL CSMA 180 Mixer-Amplifier which is a professional tool with a sleek industrial look and is designed and built for commercial sound applications. Utilizing Crown’s DriveCore technology enables significantly reduced size and weight – this mixer is highly efficient, fanless and just 1U rack space high. The amplifier can drive 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads and can be used with 70V and 100V distributed audio systems without the need for a separate transformer. All volume controls on the CSMA 180 are surrounded by an illuminated ring, making them easy to see and operate in darkened environments. For added volume control this package includes the JBL CSR-V that can use analog DC voltage to provide logic control ranging from source selection and volume. Wired with Cat 5 cable with universally accepted RJ-45 connectors up to 1000 feet (305 m) length and allows you to remotely select the source and/or control the volume on the CSM mixer from another room.This bundle contains: (4) JBL CSS-1S/T Compact Two-Way Surface-Mount Loudspeakers, (1) JBL CSMA 180 Mixer-Amplifier, (1) JBL CSR-V Volume Control (White) & (200′) West Penn Wire 224 Speaker Wire
This package was designed with several commercial audio applications in mind. This makes it a perfect fit for not only Restaurants, but Office Spaces, Conference Rooms, Reception Areas, and a variety of other applications.
10 Watt Multi-Tap Transformer for 100V or 70V Distributed Speaker Lines
Included Wall-Mounting Bracket
More operating efficiency and reliability by using fewer parts