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JBL CSS8008 8in 70-volt Commercial In-ceiling Speakers
The Commercial Series ceiling speakers feature high sensitivity, providing maximum sound level, even at low tap settings. The Series’ triple-voltage transformers (100V, 70V and 25V) fit with any distributed speaker system. The drivers all feature a full 1-inch (25 mm) diameter voice coil with a Kapton coil-former and high-temperature wire for better power dissipation and long-term reliability. The driver, grille and transformer come pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Pure Resonance Audio MA30BT 7 Channel Commercial Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth
This 7-channel mixer-amplifier from Pure Resonance Audio with built-in 70V/100V transformer technology provides a simple to operate and reliable 6-input solution with a built in Bluetooth media player for installation in commercial applications. Balanced and unbalanced inputs 70 Volt, 100 Volt, 8 ohm or 4 ohm outputs, and a compact size and interface are all combined to make this mixer-amp an easy choice for any application in need of background music and general announcements. It is perfect for use in restaurants, retail stores, offices, schools, hospitality, etc. and is equipped with paging and MOH (Music On Hold).

Lowell 25LVC-DW Volume Control (Decora White)
Lowell’s 25LVC Volume Controls are installer-friendly and provide high quality level adjustment of single or multiple speaker lines. The Lowell 25LVC is a single gang unit that mounts in a minimum depth of 2.125″. All units have phoenix-style removable screw termination strips for pre-wire with capacity for 14ga wire. It is 3db/step or 1.5db/step as noted. Models with priority relay (24VDC @ 5mA) allow emergency and paging signals to bypass (override) the attenuator.This bundle contains: (4) JBL CSS8008 8″ 70v Commercial In-ceiling Loudspeakers, (1) Pure Resonance Audio 7 Channel Commercial Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth, (4) JBL CSS-BB8 Installation Back Cans, (8) JBL CSS-TR4/8×12 Tile Rails, (1) Lowell 25LVC-DW Volume Control (Decora White) & (200′) West Penn 224 18/2 AWG Speaker Wire
Speakers have high 96 dB sensitivity with 120 degree conical coverage
7-channel powered mixer amplifier (6 inputs + Bluetooth Media Player)
MP3 Player, FM Radio & Bluetooth (with IR remote control)
Excellent performance for paging and background music applications

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets