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Happiness -Instrumental Relaxing Background Official Album

01 Drops 00:00
02 Remember me 04:25
03 It’s my happiness 08:22
04 I and the sea 11:42
05 Ibiza 16:48
06 Moments of happiness 21:23
07 New born 26:34
08 After the storm 31:04
09 Lake house 35:18
10 Grandma’s house 39:40
11 All is not lost 44:01
12 Delicate 47:52

Zenitude Experience is your channel dedicated to giving you a relaxing environment through peaceful nature scenes and music therapy. Calm your mind, reduce your stress or reach a restful sleep thanks to videos harmonizing both sight and hearing senses : nature sounds, soothing music, and beautiful nature landscapes. Suscribe to easily access our video updates!

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets