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Now you can go wireless for the price of a Stomp box!

A great little wireless solution from Joyo Technology !

Even if you haven’t really considered a wireless option, there are many times when just having the freedom to move around can really add to a performance. This wireless set up is effective and very afforable. Field tested for both Electric or Bass guitar …… and anything else with pickups……

Even if you just jam at home and want the freedom to move from room to room, this will allow you to move… jam, and generally rock out anywhere.

This latest wireless system from JOYO technologies is a small but powerful wireless receiver with full range and ease of use. All you need to do is hold the two units within 1 meter of each other and press the synchronise button. The two units now “talk” to each other and will stay matched until you decide to match them to another unit. Just plug the transmitter into the instrument and the receiver into the jack socket of an amp and you are in business. The system can be one instrument to one amp or one instrument to many amps. It is a universal system for any instrument. It is ideal for home or stage. Easy and fast setup…… just plug and play!Blue Tooth Digital Technology.
Easy Plug and Play Sync.
Long range clear Transmisson.
Able to connect to Multiple amps with sync feature.