The American pop musician actor's name is Justin Randal Timberlake. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on 31st January 1981. His parents Lynn Harless and father Randall Timberlake. Very soon after his birth his parents' separated and both remarried. His half sister Laura Katherine died shortly after birth and is mentioned in his acknowledgments in the album "NSYNC" as my "Angel in Heaven".

He was initially known as Justin Randal when he sang country music songs on Star Search, which were his initial attempts at singing.

The "Mickey Mouse Club" which included stars like Britney Spears, Christine Aguilera and JC Chasez was joined by Justin which had a year long stint. When the show ended he organized an all-male singing group which included JC Chasez in 1994, This eventually became "N Sync" which was very popular in the 1990's, whose lead singer were Justin and JC Chasez. Their debut album "NSYNC" was a huge hit in both UK and the USA selling 11 million copies. This was the first step of the ladder of success, which came in the form of second album "No Strings Attached" and the third album "Celebrity", these album were all record breaking hits and the fastest selling albums of all times.

After the release of the third album "celebrity" the group decided to go into hiatus. Justin began to work on his first solo album. "N Sync" was the third best selling boy band in the history and was an internationally famous band which performed at the Academy awards, The Olympics and the super Bowl. Timberlake performed at the MTV Video Music Awards and later that year released his First solo album which was well received by his fans. In 2003 he recorded a song titled "I'm lovin'n it" which was used by McDonald's as the theme to its "I'm lovin 'it" campaign, he earned a whopping $ 6 million from this deal which included a tour entitled "Justified and I'm lovin 'it live".

Timberlake made his acting debut with the Disney channel movie Model Behavior in 2000.

After the release of his first solo album he started concentrating on acting and put his music career on hold for some time. His movies include the thriller Edison Force, Black Snake moan, Southland Tales and also the animated film Shrek the third. All these movies were well received by the audience. He also continued to sing and while recording the 2005 single Signs with Snoop Dogg he discovered a throat condition, "nodules" which were operated upon and removed. He was advised not to sing or speak loudly for a few months.

In 2005 he started his own record company JayTee Records. In the year 2006 came his second solo album "Future Sec / Love Sound". It is the biggest album for pre-orders and holds the record for the biggest one week sales of a digital album. In 2007 he released a duet with Madonna "4 minutes" which was an international hit.

Timberlake appeared at the 2010 MTV VMAs on Sept. 12, 2010. Timberlake was the first celebrity to appear on Punk'd a candid show by Ashto Kutcher He hosted many events including the European MTV Music Awards in 2006 & Saturday Night Live

Timberlake became a celebrity star in his own way even when he was a member of Nsync and the decline in the popularity of the boy bands led to the dissolution of the band "N Sync '. He co owns three restaurants in the US and has launched his own clothing line.Timberlake an avid amateur golfer purchased the big Creek Golf Course in his home town. he is also involved in a number of charitable causes. On the personal front he has been having affairs and breaks up with a number of beautiful and successful girls.

Source by Darius Maslow