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Material: Dacron (Terylene) + Leather ends
Color: Colorful
Length: Adjustable, 85cm-145cm (Approx. 35-58 inches)
Width: 5cm (Approx. 2 inches)

Package included:
1 x Guitar/Bass StrapGuitar Straps are an essential bit of kit for a guitarist – unless you play classical in which case you’ll probably be instructed to sit down!Playing stood up can be more challenging (to start with) than playing sat down (as the angles/positions which your arms, wrists and head naturally fall into are quite different between sitting and standing) so playing stood up, using a guitar strap is to be encouraged as early as possible.
These nylon guitar straps are suitable for all guitars – all makes and models of electric guitars and electric bass guitars,plus all acoustic,semi-acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.PS: if your acoustic or electro acoustic guitar has only 1 strap button as opposed to 2, you may need to attach a piece of cord (a shoelace is the best looking, cheapest and strongest you can get) to tie the strap around the headstock of the guitar.
This strap does a good job of distributing and softening the weight of an instrument on your shoulder.
When this strap comes in to contact with many shirt or jacket materials it tends to not move or slide helping to keep your instrument in the playing position you have set.
This strap fit all acoustic & electric guitars and basses, resonator guitars & banjos. Our black strap is made of dacron (terylene) and leather,which guarantees its solidness and durability,and in a fashion robust design that makes it easy to install and convenient to adjust.