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Musical and Educational

Sound and music are important keys to early cognitive development. With this fun toy your child will learn how different things make different sounds and how they all come together to make beautiful music!

MUSICAL EDUCATION: This set is the perfect way to introduce young children to music. It allows them to start experimenting with making their own sounds in an exciting and fun way and can help teach the intuitive basics of rhythm that will help fuel their musical ambitions.
TAP OUT THE BEAT: Tap each of the four drum pads with the included drumsticks to hear each of their unique sound or play along to one of the 5 included tunes! This way young boys and girls can delight at being able to create their very first musical numbers.
IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Whether pretending to be their biggest musical super star of the drummer of their own garage band, your son or daughter will love playing along with other songs, or keeping up with your own beats.
SAFETY AND QUALITY FIRST: Made using durable foam rather than plastic pads, it will last longer than other sets. The lack of hard edges also makes it safe for children of all ages. Comes with 4 drumsticks included for group play!
GUARANTEED SMILES! We know that our products will be an asset to any playroom classroom or toy room and we stand behind the quality of our products. All Dimple® toys come standard with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on craftsmanship.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets