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Develop the pianist in you with the Roll-Up Piano that lets you experiment with mixes,instruments, effects, rhythms, and beats. You simply have to unroll this piano andconnect with power adapter. It has 88 keys, as real piano, and full polyphonic capability that deliver high performance. With different astounding built-in sounds, you can play the piano, organs, strings, horns, and woodwind endlessly. This piano keyboard allows you to use the existing library of songs provided or record your own. You can carry the 88-key piano keyboard wherever you wish to give a musical performance.

Product Specification:
88 standard keys as real piano (include black keys)
128 kinds of tones,100 kinds of rhythm,23 Demo songs
Record&playback,maximum to 740 musical notes
Support USB midi out,connect with computer
12 volume can be adjust
With sustain pedal include
LED digital display
Power Supply:DC 5V or x4 AAA Batteries

* Please put the roll up piano horizontally when you play
* Do not use rechargeable batteries, please take out the batteries after performance88 standard keys as real piano
23 demo songs, 100 kinds of rhythm, 128 kinds of tone
Earphone jack, also can connect with external speaker
Power supply: AAA batteries x 4 (not included) or 5 voltage DC adapter (included)
Support USB midi out,can connect with computer

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets