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Rack version of the best-seller workstation M1 with exactly same sonic characteristics.
Is the M1r still worth to be in your recording studio.
RACK 2 units sturdy metal, same frame structure found on 01 RW.
The main panel has a 16 x 40 LCD display and features 36 buttons + 1 main data encoder for value editing, 2 slots for PCM and data cards and a headphones outputs. The .
>TECH< the original round buttons on M1 keyboard version are fragile and it is not uncommon to see some not working anymore, rackmount seems to be more reliable. Back panel has the following connections: Midi I/O, Main stereo Outputs plus another AUX pair (Stereo or Mono + Mono) and 2 pedal inputs freely assignable to Program change Up-Down, Sequencer Start-Stop, Effect ON-OFF, Filter Cutoff, Data entry or Effect parameter controls. Power supply is internal with standard VDE connector.VOICES INFORMATION NEC-V50 CPU manages 16 digital oscillators based on 16 bit AI System subtractive synthesis. A basic patch is composed by 1 (Single mode) or 2 (Double Mode) detunable digital oscillators OSC1+ OSC2 with variable Octave range and Coarse. An oscillator has a PCM waveform assigned from the wavetable and this waveform can be read at variable memory offset and start-delayed.
WAVETABLE 4Mb ROM for 149 different waveforms split in 2 main sounds groups:
PERFORMANCE COMBI mode manages up to 8 patches in the same time with individual Midi channels, Volume mix, Transpose, Detune, Zone Split, Velocity Split and Damper on filter.
MEMORY 100 patches + 100 Combi in RAM, NO ROM recall. Internal voice backup on lithium Cr-2032 or backup to a RAM card mode MCR-03 must be a 256 Kb memory as it is not compatible with 128 Kb MCR-02.
MIDI limited Midi Control changes implementation, but the exclusive systems are complete.