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Let’s face it, nobody wants to be playing in front of a packed crowd and hit a wrong note. New players, intermediate players- even experienced players sometimes forget where the notes are on the guitar. AxeTape is a revolutionary new product that allows a player to easily reference the notes without anyone ever knowing! Patented since 2011. Put this innovative patented decal on your Guitar, and get ready to rock! Here is what you get: Two Decals (Two Note) – Use for quick reference, when on stage or with your band (All Note) – Use this as a training tool and master the fretboard on the Guitar Pick Can: Store your picks or anything else you might want to keep close to your Axe in this classic tin! Pick: One high quality 0.73 Colored Delrin Pick Instruction Sheet (not seen in images) Axe Tape is a vinyl decal made with a state of the art low-tack adhesive for easy removal. Not intended for nitrocellulose-finish guitars. AxeTape can be removed once you have memorized the fret board. Not for nitrocellulose-finish guitars.Glows in the Dark with Black Light (Not Included)
Innovative Note Decal helps you Learn Guitar and Master the Fret Board!
Learn Songs Faster – Easily reference the notes for tabs and chords
Play in key with your band – All instruments use the musical alphabet
Your audience will never know you’re “cheating” – Discrete placement