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Learning guitar fast is actually easy. You just have to know the areas to focus on. Within this article I’ve written about the four pillars of focus for becoming a great guitarist quickly.

1. Learn the Information

Information about playing guitar is everywhere. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, your learning process must always continue. If you have the money, get a great guitar teacher. If you have some spare cash, get some new learning materials like lesson DVDs created by your favorite guitarists and method books in an area you’re interested in.

There are also plenty of free resources out there on the internet. Type “Guitar Instruction” or “Free Online Guitar Lessons” into your Google browser. Sometimes programs you have to pay for will throw 5 freebies your way. Put in your e-mail address and get the freebies. If they impact your playing, consider buying the programs.

As a beginner you may not wish to learn theory or scales, but at least continue to learn something new each week. At some point you’ll have an urge to learn the technical things because you’ll realize how much it will open up your playing. However, as said, don’t fight your desires, get the programs that appeal to you right now and you’ll advance quickly in learning guitar.

2. Jam with Other Musicians

Having a group of musicians or just another guitarist (who’s drug-free) to jam with at least once per week is absolutely vital in your development and inspiration for learning guitar. It often helps to jam with a player that’s far better than you. Your learning will accelerate at a speed you never thought possible.

However, jamming with a player not as good as you has it’s benefits. For instance, you can be the lead guitarist in jam sessions and develop your soloing ideas. You also have more creative control over the music.

3. Record Yourself Playing Guitar

Want to get good at guitar fast? Although it’s #3 on this list, it’s the best way to learn guitar. You can purchase music studio software for your computer a lot of times for under $100, or you could get a digital 4-track recorder in the low hundreds.

It’s essential for learning guitar to hear yourself play while you’re not concentrating on playing. Often guitarists think more visually than audibly. Try to playback recordings without thinking about the technicalities or visuals. This is how others will experience your guitar work.

You’ll be absolutely amazed at how good you’ll get if you start recording several tracks of yourself jamming.

4. Practice Guitar

You’ve heard it enough probably, so it’s last on the list. Learning guitar only works if you not only play, but practice.

The good thing about practice is that you can incorporate it within the last three pillars of guitar learning. While you’re comprehending new information, you can practice that information. When you’re jamming with a buddy, let him know that you want to practice, say, some scales while you’re jamming.

Recording guitar tracks is ultimately practice in itself. You’re being put on the spot each time you hit that record button. You’re focused on making the track perfect with good tone and absolutely no mistakes. When you first begin recording yourself, you get nervous and mess up often, but the more you do it, the more you get comfortable with playing with perfection.

Polishing your guitar playing takes practice.

Conclusion to Learning Guitar Easily

If I could go back to beginner and do it all over again, I would do exactly as I’ve written about in this article. Learn new information, jam with other musicians and guitarists, record yourself, and practice in different ways.

Source by Jason S. Parker

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets