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LeatherGraft have been creating Hand Made Real Leather Products in Liverpool, England since 1979. Each product, including this guitar strap, is hand made and designed to last for 10 years. This particular item, a suede soft extra wide guitar strap looks great, does not slide around on the shoulder and is soft, reacting comfortably to your body shape! It looks great in any of the colours available. It has 2 strap pin holes which are at each end of the strap, able to take guitars up to 25kg. It is a strong supportive suede leather, able to hold guitars of up to 25kg. The strap pin holes are reinforced and centred in the leather to ensure they can take as much weight as possible without any risk. The back of the strap is Suede Leather, and spreads the pressure well over the 7cm width area to reduce pressure on the neck, shoulders, back and chest. This is another great reason to rely on leather products, for the comfort they provide in contrast to nylon straps which can dig in after a while!Genuine Suede Leather Guitar Strap for any Electric, Acoustic, Classical or Bass Guitar
Full Strap Length has this Solid Simple Plain but Classic Suede Style
Incredible Soft Non-Slipping Backing to ensure comfort and control for any weight of instrument
Length of Strap – 4’3″ Thickness of Strap – 0.15″ Width of Strap – 3.15″
Designed and Hand Made to Look Great and Endure Years of Practice, Gigs and Usage!