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The Legacy AS1000 Intermediate Alto Saxophone is the natural choice when stepping up from the highly-rated Legacy AS750 student Alto Saxophone. The quality is outstanding and the tone and intonation are superior. This is an excellent choice for aspiring students and even professionals that want a reasonably priced horn. It has all of the features you would expect in a top instrument, Pro pads, High F sharp Key, Front F, deluxe case, blue steel springs, super action, you name it, the Legacy Saxes have it. Saxophones made at the Legacy factory are considered to be among the world’s finest instruments. Legacy saxophones are made in one of the world’s most renowned factories with more than 30 years of saxophone design and production. Beginning with imported Japanese brass and the highest quality materials, Legacy saxes are crafted to the most exacting specifications. During assembly, each component and manufacturing procedure is inspected at least four times to assure that the instrument is of the highest quality and workmanship. Every part of the instrument is checked for quality control and most importantly to assure that the sound and intonation will meet the demands of a professional player, even for their student models. All Legacy instruments come with an unconditional money-back guarantee and a comprehensive waranty against manufacturer’s defects. Legacy 1000 Saxophones include Post-on-Body construction, standard finishes and limited engraving.Superior Quality Intermediate Alto Saxophone in Clear Lacquer
Manufactured in one of the world’s best factories. Great intonation, quality and superior tone.
Includes Pro Style Case, Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature, Reed, Neckstrap and Cork Grease
Includes Standard Mouthpiece