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Adding a genuine LESLIE Speaker to your kit has never been easier. The 2101 MkII is highly portable, yet packs all the power of a Vintage Leslie. The Upper Rotor is basically the same as found in our flagship 3300 Leslie, with 150 watts of power feeding a Hi-capacity Driver attached to the traditional, proprietary Leslie Spinning Horn. The Lower Rotor’s motion is achieved by our authentic Digital Leslie Engine, and fed through the Stereo 5′ Speakers mounted at the front, behind the grill. Enough power for many small to mid-sized gigs, and more than enough when mic’d up through a Sound Reinforcement system. A real Tube Preamp warms up the sound, or may be overdriven to provide the inimitable Leslie Grind. The Three input sources (Traditional 11-pin, New-school 8-pin, or ¼ Guitar cable in) make hookup to any instrument (including Guitars) a snap. A ¼ Footswitch jack means that you’ll never have to mess with those old, troublesome floor preamps again. All the performance facets are user-customizable. Combine the 2101 MkII with the Leslie 2121 to achieve the 21 System, a 300 watt Keyboard system.A 60 Pound, Suitcase-Sized. Genuine Leslie Speaker
Real Tube To Add Warmth Or Grind
Connect With Trad Leslie Cable Or 1/4 Plug