Rene “Level” Martinez appeared on the Mixed Martial Arts stage approximately two years ago and has a disputed record of 3-0-1. Best known for his work outside the cage, the backyard brawls, Level finds himself in a position to choose from many careers, Outreach Public Speaker, Actor, Musician, and/or Fighter. We all know of his troubled past which attracts us to him; some out of curiosity and others from their ability to relate to him. But there is no doubt that his persona has surpassed that of the Dirty South into a national audience. The question is in which direction will he go?

In September of 2010, MFA Promotions promised their audience would be witness to a grudge match between Rene “Level” Martinez and Rene “Whiteboy” Rodriquez (will the real RENE please stand up, please stand up… anyhow…). This was disconcerting because Whiteboy had just fought the worst fight I had ever witness in my life and lost!, which meant that Level would have absolutely nothing to gain by stepping into the cage with this guy. Either way, the words were uttered and the crowd applauded, but come 2011 the fight has yet to come to fruition. This is strange because shortly after the fight I contacted Level’s manager to question this decision and it was explained to me that there were personal reasons for taking this fight and although there was nothing to gain career wise, the personal gains made it worthwhile.

NOTE: For those of you who are not informed, Whiteboy made his debut through the backyard brawls as well. In this circuit, he had stalked Level and had been itching for a fight with him, but could never catch up to him. I guess Level having the same first name or something bothers Whiteboy and so he decided to make this personal one night by allegedly picking a fight with someone close to Level… giving Level all the fuel he needed to grant him a fight.

Days later, ScorpiusFC made a similar promise to their audience after Level arguably won a decision of a draw against Hansel Calderon. ScorpiusFC didn’t offer the same match-up, but they did promise that Level would be seen back in the cage in their next event in South Florida. To their credit, or discredit, ScorpiusFC has yet to make an appearance in 2011 in South Florida so we can’t say they’ve lied as MFA did, but my point is that it has been five months since Level has entered the cage to battle against ANYONE!

So what has he been up to?

Hardcore fans of Level know that what he has recently been concentrating on more than anything else these days is his Music/Acting career. In this past month alone, he has released two music video releases for his songs “Silence” and “So Much Pain”; which oddly enough are not from his album 1219. In January, Level traveled to California to collaborate with West coast rappers Precise Westcoast and I assume while he was out there, he made a few rounds with an agent or two (PURE SPECTULATION). But back in June, Level did post pictures on his Facebook account from his shoot on the set of a County Jail movie which could lead in to future roles. And why not!

With Level’s current record, despite his popularity, his yearly earnings will never be as ludicrous as if he were to breakout in the music industry. His potential earnings on that front are exponentially greater with a window of opportunity that is as small as becoming a legendary fighter in the professional sports. The risk of being badly injured filming a music video is slim to none versus his chances of being injured during a fight. Some may say that his fame sprung from his fist not his lyrics, but who can argue the simple math and longevity of switching careers while the iron is hot. Look at Dwayne Johnson; aka “The Rock.” He abandoned a successful career with WWE for a movie career. His fans may have been disappointed that they were no longer going to be able to “Smell what the Rock was cooking,” but I’m sure his diehard fans love to see in movies like Faster, Walking Tall, Get Smart, and the list goes on and on. Do you think he’s worried about aging like Hulk Hogan? I don’t think so. In contrast, we can look at Roy Jones Jr.’s musical career which he launched at the peak of his boxing career. He had what one song, maybe, which got recognition and then his record fell into the 99 cent rack. Is this the alternative which Level should wait for? Again, I don’t think so.

I tried to get a definitive answer from the man himself, but for the moment he remains silent. So I guess we’re going to have to wait to see on the sidelines what works for him and which road he’ll travel. You can see him at Fight Time 4 performing during the intermission and attempt to gain an audience with him and ask him yourself. And if he gives you an answer, remember to report back to us!

Source by Carlos Cata