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Introducing Base: a new foundation for all your creative productions. Combining the technology of drum machines and touch screens, Base delivers a sleek new pressure-sensitive surface that doubles up the MPC’s fabled 16 pads and opens up your hands to freely mix. With 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, and eight momentary buttons there’s plenty of controls to play and control your set. Illuminated throughout with RGB lights and a simple character display, Base provides plenty of novel ways to give you feedback for playing drums, synths, loops, step sequencing, changing presets, and even navigating your set. Customize all the settings and internal presets using the Base Editor web application to best fit your workflow with your favorite DAW, VST, plugin, or application. The touch faders on Base offer a lot more than your traditional analog fader. The LED feedback keeps you updated with the current value, and can adapt when you dynamically reassign the faders to your software. But these faders can also deliver a note and velocity when you touch them, potentially acting as a switch for instantly engaging effects, or playing a sound when you touch the fader. When we set out to make our first pressure-sensitive controller, we wanted to give musicians more than just a way to make a drum louder. Pressure is the original modulator. With 32 pressure sensitive pads, Base breaks open new possibilities for playing drums and synths. Turn off the notes on some pads, and use the CC values from “after touch” for modulating filters and effects. Because the Base is completely editable, you can reconfigure it for new creative possibilities. With no moving parts, an all-aluminum body, and extruded aluminum frame, makes Base extra sturdy and exceptionally sleek. No sliders to bend, no knobs to catch: at under an inch thick, Base goes in and out of your bag from studio to show.Completely editable with on board presets
32 velocity/pressure sensitive pads with after touch
9 touch faders with multiple LED modes
All controls have RGB lights
USB powered and class compliant (no drivers needed)