Hhha have fun being an edgelord boo.
took me a while to make since i made the affs VERY detailed also don’t worry i’m not like mind power;; i used my e-girl sub and my stomach stayed flat despite eating like a pig so i like to believe i don’t suck peepee.

I only use positive affs. Yes, this is unisex and you can listen w one earbud. I don’t take requests.

I will make a silent ver of this and ofc, a shorter version.

The Booster i put in the start is forced. but that’s all that’s forced. This subliminal gives you,

Be Badass
i am original and free
my parents let me do what i want
i am responsible
i am free from doing stupid shit
be free from judgement
be perfect
i have my desired life
be dauntless
be wealthy and rich
work hard
people love you
people think you’re cool
people always loved you
people think highly of you
able to read people easily, read anyone and everyone
be free from blockages
be hardworking
be successfull
be free from failure
exceed all expectations
desired iq
high iq
have a large vocabulary
always know what you’re talking about
knowledge seemingly comes from no where
remember anything you desire
be attentive
my speech allures anyone and everyone
am able to seduce anyone and everyone with a simple glance
can see and predict the future safely ( if desired )
be extremely smart
know anything and everything
free from any mental illness
pass all your grades
no need to study to pass
all past mistakes are erased and no one remembers them
they fail to exist
all past grades change to the highest grade possible
everybody accepts these changes and refuses to question them
make the best possible decisions
photographic and video graphic memory
be mentally strong
be free from caring about others opinions
extrude confidence and self love
be free from haters
Badass aura + vibe
always voice opinion wisely
be assertive
be respected
be powerful
have power
win all your fights
get rid of jerks
get rid of insecurities
look badass
halo effect applies to me
i look exactly how i desire
desired face and body
have desired amount of muscle and strength
am able to fight and win if i need to
sound badass
speak clearly and loudly
people always listen when i speak
people take me seriously
i have amazing fighting and self defense skills
i am stealthy
i am able to hide my emotions whenever i want to
i have my desired job
i am friends with my desired people
i can scare away people whenever i want
people think im badass
i am free from people constantly wanting to start shit
i am calm 24/7
be lit
nothing phases me
i have gotten rid of any emotions i don’t want anymore
i have reduced my emotionality
i am so perfect i may as well be a robot
manifest desired clothes
be desired aesthetic
all my wishes come true
rawr xDDDD

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