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Christopher Bridges, known to his fans as Ludacris, is both an American actor and rapper. He is co-founder of Disturbing the Peace, with his manager, which is part of and distributed by Def Jam Recordings. It is no secret that Ludacris mixtapes paved for way for his stellar career, including winning awards given by the Screen Actors Guild, MTV, and even a Grammy.

Born in Champaign, Illinois, he wrote his first hip hop song at the age of nine while in the process of moving to Atlanta. His first album, Back for the First Time, was released in October of 2000, and reached # 4 on the Billboard charts. Making his mark through his unique hip hop beats, the album had three singles, which were "Southern Hospitality", "What's Your Fantasy", and "Phat Rabbit."

Fresh off the success of his first album, he promptly completed and released his next album entitled Word of Mouf in December of 2001. The lead single, "Rollout" was nominated for a 2002 Video Music Award, and he even got to perform it live on the show. All of this quick success and rise to the top was thanks to the Ludacris mixtapes he continued to release.

Before gaining all this notoriety and fame, he released many Ludacris mixtapes that showed off his hip hop beats. Some of these included titles such as The Best of Ludacris, Pre-Release Therapy, and A Hustler's Spirit. As with most artists trying to make it in the business, all of these were available for free on the many mixtapes torrents sites on the Internet.

The Today, Ludacris has released The eight albums, basically a coming out with one 's every two years from his first release in 2000. Though much of his success can be attributed to the Ludacris mixtapes That Helped him gain a broad fan base, his Collaborations with the top rap artists have helped move him elite status among hip hop fans. He has even started his own organization that aids and assists middle and high school students in the creative arts field.

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets