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Musicians agree that “The Breakthrough Music Finger Trainer is a must for any performer who wants to develop their physical endurance and strength”. Develop the muscles, tendons, and connective tissues for any instrumentalist and any genre of performer. A musician’s dexterity in their hand and forearms is a huge variable to success. As well as strength, finger trainers provide the ability to practice scale patterns and modes while away from the horn. Why would you waste your time waiting for a bus or on a long car ride? Use this time wisely to develop deeper neural pathways for your harmonic progression. This is also an excellent tool for any rock climbers to develop the strength needed for small ledges.It is easy and convenient to operate. Curvaceous design with ergonomically and compact structure, user friendly.
Practice without your instrument anywhere anytime, it could be use for strengthen palm, fingers, wrists and other area of hand.
Suitable for the auxiliary exercise of instrument playing, physical exercise and other activities.
Compact and ultra-light design means you can carry it in your pocket, bag or instrument case.
6-pound-per-finger resistance; built for average-sized hands