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First you would need to determine if you would like to start to make your own beats with some type of drum machine or using a beat generating software. The drum machine will give you more of a realistic experience of creating your own beats, but will not offer hundreds of different beat samples. I am going to focus more on using an online beat making software.

Next you would have to determine what type of music you would like to create. Would you like to create beats for hip hop, techno or jazz music? You can also combine all of the different music styles into your own original creation.

One of the fastest ways to get started is to select some type of beat making software program. Most quality software programs offers hundreds of samples that you can use to combine and customize your music. This makes it easy for the beginner to be able to produce professional beat tracks.

There are many free and paid versions of beat software programs available online. If you can afford the initial investment it is always better to start out with a paid version of the program. If your budget is really tight you can get started with a free version but keep in mind that some of the features you will need may not be included in their program.

Once you have downloaded and set up your program the first thing you will need to do is to select your music type. This is probably one of the easiest parts of the production process because most people know what type of music they prefer to listen to and produce.

Next you will need to set the tempo of your music. Most software programs are defaulted to four beats per measure or 420 beats per minute. It’s always a good idea to keep the software programs set at the default settings until you get more experience.

Now you need to set your kick drum and snare sound. It should not take you more than ten to fifteen minutes to listen to most of the samples installed in your software program. Don’t waste too much time on this because you can always change it down the road.

Try to create about four or five different beat selections. Ask your family members or friends to listen and review your new beats. Use their suggestions and comments to improve your music creation.

Source by Larry C Kearney

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets