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2 Stereo/ 4 mono input

1 Stereo aux input

1 Stereo output

1.5v (AAA)*2 or power bank

L/R Balance Control

Gain Control: Max 20db

Dimensions: 6.8*10.5*2.4cm

Weight: 77 g (no battery)

Material:PC 90%+ ABS 10%

Product Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-6mEI6i_jY

Package: 1 x MAKER HART Just Mixer Stereo 3 in/1 out Configuration
Stereo 3 in/1 out Configuration:3 stereo channel on JUST MIXER can connect up to 5 mono input.
Microphone Setup: By Gain knob adjustment, input signal level is adjusted to input signal level of microphone. (Recommend to use high-sensitive microphone)
Overload Indicators: The L/R OVERLOAD LEDs allow you to set the best signal level for optimum audio performance.
PHONES Jack: Stereo headphones can be connected to this jack for convenient mix monitoring.
POWER: Used with 2 x AAA or USB Power Bank

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets