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MEINL MCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are the standard for today’s ambitious drummer. These harmonically matched cymbals provide the best sound at an unbeatable price. Ready to rock right out of the box, this set includes a 14″ Medium HI hat, 16″ Crash, 20″ Ride, plus a FREE 16-inch Trash Crash. Dig in for a truly unique effect with the free trash crash. Its specially cut holes take a normal crash sound and shorten its sustain while adding a blend of trashy tones that can really change the dynamic of your playing.14″ hi hat pair, 16″ medium crash, 20″ medium ride, FREE 16-inch Trash Crash
Drum set ready with standard sizes for full range of sounds
Best sound at an unbeatable price
Cutting tones with a well balanced, medium sustain
FREE MCS 16″ trash crash cymbal ($144.00 list)