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The Meinl Jam Cajon is perfect for playing on the go. Its compact design is lightweight and easy to carry to drum circles, unplugged gigs or wherever you want to enjoy playing. The size makes it ideal to grab go for spontaneous jam sessions and has every feature of a standard size MEINL Cajon. Crafted in Europe from birch wood, the Jam Cajon has great low end punch when played near the center and dishes out high frequency “slaps” when striking the top corners. Two sets of internal fixed snare wires brush against the playing surface to deliver a crisp, sensitive snare effect. The finish lets the beautiful natural wood grain show through, and the hardwood ply construction produces a rich sound that goes with any style music.The Meinl Jam Cajon is a great compact grab and go instrument for singer/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, and for supporting acoustic bands in small intimate settings
Made entirely of Birch Wood and equipped with internal fixed snare wires, the Jam Cajon dishes out cutting snare slaps, deep bass hits, and responsive finger rolls
10.25″ wide x 15″ tall x 10.25″ deep
The top frontplate corners may be adjusted with a quick turn of a screwdriver to alter the distance between the frontplate and the resonating body, resulting in a varied amount of “slap” sound
Four rubber feet keep the cajon stable while allowing the wooden body and frontplate to resonate to their fullest
Dark brown body with natural finish frontplate