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Sing along to your favorite songs with the Memorex MKS-SS3 Sing Stand 3. Ideal for parties and family game nights, this all-in-one karaoke system connects with your MP3 player or tablet so you can sing along to custom playlists. The Sing Stand 3 also integrates Bluetooth, a stereo speaker and has 2 microphones, offering everything you need for a full karaoke experience. The Sing Stand 3 also includes a second microphone for when you’re in the mood to duet. And with its instrument input, the system can even connect to a guitar or keyboard for easy musical accompaniment.Easily connect to your tablet or MP3 player with Bluetooth technology
Dual microphones for when you and a friend want to perform a duet
The SS3 allows you to plug in a guitar or keyboard to play along
Great for the holidays and Christmas!