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What Is The Difference Pins Between Brass and Bone (Tusq, Plastic)

Brass is harder and lasts much longer than bone and palstic one, it can increased brightness and even added bass, This is because the hardness of the material transfers the vibration of the string to the top of the guitar with more efficiency. and the brass at the pin will definitely increase the loudness and dynamics, it may actually increase the high frequency content of your guitar, let the tone more attractive. on the other hand, brass is not easy to be wear and tear than tusq bone or plastic, let alone be boken, so it has a longer sevice life.

Package Include: 6pcs brass guitar pins

If you want your guitar tone more attractive and brighter, pls throw away the bone, tusq or plastic pins, try this one and give your a better tone.

BETTER TONE: Brass is much harder than bone, tusq or plastic, let the tone more brighter, stable, durable and attractive than tusq, bone or cheap plastic.
HIGH GRADE: This guitar pins is made of 100% brass, high grade and looks better than others.
LONGER SERVICE LIFE: Brass pins impossible to be broken, with longer service life than bone, tusq or plastic.
WIDER RANGER USE:With 28.1mm length and the 6.1mm biggest install diameter, fit for martin, fenda or any brand and standart acoustic guitar.
SUPER VALUE: Package with 6 pcs pure bass guitar pins, buy one get all.