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Easy to connect and operate
Control a variety of LED light by adopting an advanced micro control unit

Easy to Use:
Connect the load lines and power lines, make sure all connections correct before power switches on. 
Make sure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating. 

This product should not be used outdoor and any other humid environment.
Not allowed to touch water or any liquid.
No impacting or knocking.
Should not be used in high temperature and high pressure environment to avoid the product damage, and cause short-circuit, fire disaster and electric shock etc. 

Working Temperature:–20°C – 60°C
Voltage: DC 12V Max.
Output: 6A Max.
Output Power: 72W

Zero-Risk Purchase,100% Satisfaction Guarantee
90 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee.we’ll refund you immediately if you are not satisfied with our products.

About Minger Light
Minger is a professional provider of LED light products.We are not the best, but the right, which means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. After all, we’re customers too.Multiple Colors and Patterns: 16 multicolored options and 5 light patterns: Static/ Flash/ Strobe/ Fade-change/ RGB Smooth-change.
Dimmable Control: 16 classes Dim Control in Static Mode.
Speed Control: 16 classes Speed Control in Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth-change.
Multiple Functions: IR remote controller has over charging, short circuit protection and memory function, also has 6 DIY selections to adjust the R/G/B color freely and create your own color.
Package Content: 1 x Minger 44 keys IR remote controller; 1 x IR control box; Zero-Risk Purchase, 90 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Our Friendly Service – 24 hours email customer service response.