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The Gospelkeys Ministry Musician piano course starts off with Jason White talking about what exactly the course is going to be about. It is pretty much not just a piano lesson but it really is trying to get across that when you are a musician in church its not so much as a job or a talent but more of a ministry in itself.

And that you are the one that is going to set the atmosphere of the church service with what kind of music you are playing. And this is really a concept that people that are playing for church needs to relize. Its not about how good you really are but if you can set a great atmosphere with your music you can really add a huge part to the church service.

But as far as what you will learn on the piano aspect of it in the Ministry Musician course. First he will walk you threw chord by chord how to play two hymn songs. And I have to say I loved this part the most. The style that he uses to play these two songs which are. Oh how I love Jesus, and To God Be the Glory.

You will really learn how to harmonize these two hymns in a way that you have never heard before. Well at least I haven’t heard it before. And to me what you will learn after you have learned how to play these two hymns was enough to make me happy about buying Gospelkeys Ministry Musician, but you are just getting started with all that you are going to learn.

After that you are going to go threw what he calls Church be bop. And this is a very fun and neat part of it you will learn some really great chords and a very neat chord progression that makes up this fast church song.

Then from there you have some old style of playing that he teaches you and of course a couple of really cool soothing worship arrangements, with worship chords. This course is really jammed packed with some of the best learning information that I have ever had on the piano. It is around four hour long and every minute is just great.

Source by Ryan Likens

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets