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Perfect Storm Is A Sound-Activated Device That Allows You To Control The On And Off Flashing Of Lights When The Thunder Sound From The Cd Supplied Is Played. This Makes For Great Thunderstorm Effects For Your Haunted House Or Home Haunt/Halloween Party. Simply Play The Cd Provided With The Unit With Your Lights Plugged Into The Back Of The Perfect Storm Box (Which Can Be Plugged Into Any 15 Amp. 120 Volt Outlet). Please Note That Total Lights Used Should Not Exceed 1000 Watts Of Power Or A Reset Fuse In The Back Of The Unti Will Trip. If This Happens, Reduce Lights Used And Hit Reset Button On Back Of Unit. Besides Using Cd, You Can Also Place Whatever Sound Effect You Wish Into Your Tape Player, Mp3 Player, Smart Phone Etc And Either Place One Of Your Stereo Speakers Near Or In Front Of The Perfect Storm Unit Or Connect The Player Audio Line Out (The Proper Jack Cable May Be Needed, And Is Not Included) To The Perfect Storm Audio Input Jack. Using Either Of These Two Ways, When ThundeStandardIncludes controller that flashes up to 1000 watts of your own lights to sound of thunder and CD with over one hour of sound effects.
Perfect Storm allows your lights to flash on and off when you hear thunder on the CD supplied.
CD player not included. Speakers not Inlcuded