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Instrument cable(for guitar, bass, keyboards and etc.), as an antenna, suffers from interference caused by EM radiation from other electric devices, including the stage lights. And when the cable is bent or trodden on, the partial capacity changes which also results noise.
Mugig cable double shielded helically by a conductive PVC and PE Insulator layers has a good anti-interference ability and thus professionally avoids these impacts.

1/4″ Straight gilided finish plugs and Oxygen-Free copper AWG20 conductor deliver the signal with low loss and distortion.
This cable can be connected directly to AMP or PA and works immediately without medium equipment or an additional driver.

The security is certified by UL(Underwriters Laboratories).
Mugig cable havs warranty for 6months. You can get refund by contacting us directly if the amazon return window has been closed.

-Plugs:6.35mm mono plug, Copper plug with gold finish
-Conductor:1C X AWG20
-PE insulator
-Conductive PVC
-99% Helical sheild
-PVC Jacket

All products we sells can be change and refunded in six months.  if you have any problems. Pls feel free to contact us Noiseless and high fidelity. Has good anti-interference ability.
Double 1/4″ Straight gilided male plugs. Good connections. Pluged and works without installation.
10feet Oxygen-Free copper AWG20 conductor 99% covered by well-made EM shield layers.
Multifuctional. Work perfectly on connecting guitar/ bass/ keyboard to an AMP or PA.
Mugig cable havs 6months warranty. The security is certified by UL(Underwriters Laboratories).

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets