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Mugig aluminium alloy clamp style capo is lightweight, strong and well-built . It’s smooth on the hands and it allows you to play songs in different keys with limited chords. The silicone pads provide protection to the guitar neck. The spring is strong and it helps to keep the guitar in tune.Overall, this spring loaded capo is especially perfect for newbie players ,but you need to be careful because it puts a lot of pressure on your strings.You should place it close to the metal line on your fret . (Note: You could get the strings to buzz a little if you put the capo on the fret bar itself,but that¡¯s not where it¡¯s supposed to be positioned!)


– It is well constructed, with beautiful finish strong grip for acoustic and electric guitar.
– Operate with one hand and was able to change the fret positions with minimal effort.
– Very sturdy, super light and built to last and will fit well in your guitar case storage bin
– High quality soft silicone pad protects your guitar neck against any scratches or damage.
– The spring is thick and strong enough for a secure grip but soft enough for easy attachment and release.
– It lays perfectly flat on the neck of the guitar and the tones are free and clear without any buzz or unwanted string noise.
– The bottom jaw is virtually straight,which make it more adaptable to different neck shapes and widths (like a mandolin or banjo).


Color : Silver
Body Material:High-grade Aluminum Alloy
Spring Material:High performance memory Steel Spring
Protective Pads:Environment-friendly soft Silicone
Net Weight:55gNO DAMAGE TO YOUR GUITAR -Soft thick silicone is padded to prevent your guitar from being scratched or damaged. The jaw opens quite wide to allow for easy application
NO BUZZING- It has a strong spring , holds tightly on the guitar neck, provides the required pressure upon the frets with no buzzing ,changing the intonation or bending of the strings. It does not slip and slide easily on the fret bars.
A ¡° MUST HAVE¡± FOR ACOUSTIC / ELECTRIC GUITAR PlAYERS – It¡¯s well built out of aluminum alloy , lightweight (Almost no weight is added to your setup) , an incredible tool for any enthusiast whether you are a pro or an amateur player for acoustic or electric guitar .
EASY TO OPERATION – This spring type capo has a modern-looking design, quick to attach and release just by a gentle squeeze with one hand at minimum effort. Save the hassles of manual adjustment and say goodbye to the old style capos which was done by screws.
ROHS CONPLIANT -Made of quality aluminum , memory steel spring with exquisite finish and good hand feeling. You could barely see any scratch on the finish of the product.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets