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This cable is what each professional music player looks for! With the whole Gold finish plugs you can get the best clear signal you’ve ever wanted!

It’s double shielded with a conductive PVC and PE Insulator.

A good cable is just as important as a good guitar or amp.

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-Plugs:6.35mm mono plug, Copper plug with gold finish

-Length:16 feet

-Conductor:1C X AWG20

-PE insulator

-Conductive PVC

-99% Helical sheild

-PVC Jacket

Straight 1/4″ heavy duty metal connectors with gold plugs for professions
Oxygen-Free-Copper AWG20 conductor
OFC shielding with 99% coverage
16 feet cable to keep out unwanted noise for amazing sound quality , UL certified
Perfect for connecting your guitar/ bass/ keyboards to a Amp or PA