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This zinc alloy clamp style capo is lightweight, strong and well-built . It’s smooth on the hands and it allows you to play in different keys with ease giving you a lot more option in what songs you can play. The silicone padding provide protection to the guitar neck. The spring is strong and it helps to keep the guitar in tune. Simple design, easy to position along the fretboard.

1 Capo 2 Purpose
* Modulation Function: It can fast to change between frets, no leave scratches in your instrument and stays in tone with a perfect intonation.
* Pulling Bridge Pin: Capo with bridge pin puller remover can pull guitar pins, make it easy to change string.

* Strong spring holds the capo securely in place without making noise
* Steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance
* Nice silicone padding internally mean no scratching of the guitar neck, to protect your instruments strings, neck and fretboard.

Item Specifications:
* Body Material: High-grade Zinc Alloy (Electroplate)
* Spring Material: High performance memory Steel Spring
* Protective Pads: Environment-friendly soft Silicone
* Dimension: 9.0 * 7.0 *1.2 cm
* Usable Range: The top of the capo measures approximately 5.5cm, it should be suitable for a range of different guitar types and styles.
* Net Weight: 30 g

Box Contains
1 x capo1 Capo 2 Purposes: Modulation Function and Pulling Bridge Pin, fits Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Banjo, Folk Guitars and Mandolin
High Quality Material: Made of lightweight zinc alloy, robust and durable (aircraft grade metal)
Secure and Good Hefty Spring: Nice silicone padding internally mean no scratching of the guitar neck, strong spring holds the capo securely in place
EASY TO USE: The installation is simple and easy without disturbing the tuning, and can be done with one hand
Neat design prevents obstruction when playing, small capo fits easily in carry

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets