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Our clip-on plastic sheet music holder wind clips are simply the best way to keep your music from blowing away while performing an outdoor concert. The transparent music holders slide onto the shelf of your music stand securing your music while still allowing for fast song transitions and easier page turns than with any other music holding device. Hidden from your audience, they look much more professional than clothespin-type wind clips. Fits all music stands including, Manhasset, Wenger, Hamilton, K&M, and many others. They even work on band stand fronts. The regular wind clip will work on any shelf thickness up to ½ inch thick. Order large bend clips for stands with a shelf thickness of more than ½ inch, such as the Peak Portable music stand. For handy drawstring carrying bag for clips, order item Musicmaide MMAZ10001000 Wind Clips and Carrying Bag on Amazon. We also offer a 10 pack with carrying bag (item Musicmaide MMAZ10041003 Wind Clips). Visit our website for discounts on larger quantities for your entire band. The see-through wind clips are made out of a special break-resistant plastic that won’t crack or break when dropped like acrylic or plexiglass. All Musicmaide products are MADE IN THE USA

holding music on a stand
keeping music from blowing away
professional looking by eliminating clothespins
sheet music

easy page turns
keeps band looking professional
fast song transitions
light weight

windy outdoor concerts
marching band
musical performance

band director
band conductor
music teacher
military bandKeeps Music From Blowing Away
Fast Song Transitions and Page Turns
Professional Looking
Made in USA of Transparent Break-Resistant Plastic
Price is for 2 (one pair) of Wind Clips