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Do You Own One or Several High End/Valuable Acoustic Guitars? Read Below to See How Easy It Is to Protect Your Investment!

Dry Air will Do More Damage to Your Guitar Than Any Other Environmental Condition:

– Cracks in the Wood
– Low Buzzing Action
– Sharp Fret Ends who Cuts Your Skin
– Tiny & Twangy Sound
– Expensive Repairs

To Avoid All That and More, Just Use MusicVow’s Guitar Humidifier

– Keeps Your Guitar at Optimum Relative Humidity
– Easy & Safe to Use, Syringe Included for Quick & Precise Refill
– Seats well and sturdy between the strings, releasing the much needed moisture inside the sound hole
– Smart Design Guarantees It doesn’t Leak in any way and does Not Breaks the Strings
– The Modern Sponge holds the water way better than the classic sponge types

This Amazing Humidifier helps maintain your acoustic guitars in Top Condition!

If you love to take care of your acoustic guitar, a humidifier is not optional, it’s a must.

Recommended by World’s Best Luthiers & Techs, You are also Backed by Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty Too!

And There Is More! You GET DOUBLE the value if you purchase today.

BONUS #1 – Professional Guitar CAPO
BONUS #2 – Rubber PICK Holder

– They help you Achieve a Reliable and Excellent Performance
– Easy to Use, Designed for Single-Hand Action
– Amazing Value, whether you’re playing for thousand peoples or just for yourself
– No Fret Buzz, Does Not Affect Tone
– Fits Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo or Mandolin

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WHILE YOUR GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS – Want to be able to keep your valuable Acoustic Guitar in optimal shape? Or, maybe you just want to improve it’s sound? Or, maybe you’re just trying to avoid getting cracks & damage during winter time? Perfect, that’s what this product is for.
WINTER. IS. COMING: Heating your house drops the indoor humidity below safe levels (between 45% and 60% is ideal for most guitars) – AC does the same. So, Keep Calm and use an Guitar Humidifier, otherwise “The damage done by dryness breaks this luthier’s heart” – Bob Taylor from Taylor Guitars
EASY. & SAFE TO USE: Our Guitar Humidifier hangs between strings and never touches the wood. It has small ridges on each side to ensure it seats well and sturdy without affecting tuning. This way it adds the much needed moisture inside your expensive guitars, keeping them stored at an optimal relative humidity. Use the included Syringe to quickly add water: NO Leaks, NO Mess!
HOW DEEP IS YOUR TONE? Many players noticed an improvement in the sound of their high-end guitar after just 3 days of using a humidifier. They say “you’ll forget about tiny, thinner and nasal tone, nasty sharp fret ends or low buzzing action”. This is a great, inexpensive way to protect your valuable investment.
NURTURE YOUR GUITAR SO IT CAN NURTURE YOU: Look, your Guitar is not “a thing” – It is an extension of YOURSELF. So make sure make sure your ‘baby ain’t thirsty’, or worse…dead & broken, because it still have a song or two left in it. Now, how about transposing one of them in all twelve-keys using our high-quality Guitar Capo? Come on, try it out