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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a pick when you’re ready to play the guitar!

Owning a MuzJig pick cutter means you’ll never have to worry about searching for a pick again! The MuzJig pick cutter allows you to create hundreds of personalized, custom picks for FREE! Turn old credit cards, gift cards, and more into ready-to-use picks at any time. It makes the perfect gift for any musician!

Our heavy-duty guitar pick cutter is able to punch at least 351 standard shaped picks that have clean, smooth edges. You can use the pick cutter on virtually any plastic material that is between 0.05mm and 0.77mm in size.

To help get you started, the PREMIUM MuzJig pick cutter now comes with:

• 1x Solid PREMIUM Muzjig pick cutter
• 10x Colored plastic strips. These plastic sheets can make at least 50 guitar picks.
• 1x Pick holder.
• 1x Muzjig file.
• 1x Hard gift case.

So simple to use, anyone can use it.

• Slide your plastic into the pick cutter
• Push down to punch out a pick

That’s it, unlimited picks any time

Add the MuzJig pick cutter to your cart and get punching!

* 1x HEAVY DUTY MUZJIG Guitar Pick Punch – 1x Pick Holder – 10x Strips of Plastic – 1x Gift Case – Fast Delivery.
* Bonus FREE Plastic To Cut 50 Picks – Use old credit cards – Key cards or any plastic you like.
* Pick holder, FREE holds 5 picks – Keeps your picks safe.
Muzjig Pick Cutter Tool Cuts Clean Smooth Edges – Picks ready to use.
HARD box packaging – Beautifully presented as a gift.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets