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My String Capo (TM)

Best Performance on Your Plays
Want to make the best experience and experimenting with the infinite possibilities of your guitar? My String Capo (TM) will certainly be there to satisfy you. Transpose your tune with one swift movement during your performance, experiment with many beautiful sounds you can create with it.

Why My String Capo (TM) is the Best
– 2 Pieces in 1.
– High quality light weight aircraft grade zinc alloy.
– Ergonomic design that’ll make your instruments even more amazing.
– Elite Black and Classy Silver colors.
– Suitable even for Bass, Wide Neck Ukulele, Banjo, and even Mandolin.

Guaranteed to Raise a Smile
A lot of people reluctant to use a capo because they think it’s impossible to do while playing a tune. But, with an easy to grip and single-handed nature of My String Capo (TM), it’s not a problem no more. Don’t forget the calibrated alloy springs that will effortlessly prevents any fret buzz. My String Capo (TM) also equipped with an amazingly soft silicone to prevent any scratch on your magnificent instruments. Overall, this is the best accessory you can get for your beloved guitar.

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Material: Alloy and Silicone
Color: Black, Silver
Weight: 5.9 ounce
Set of: 2
Packaging size: 5 X 5 X 1.9 inches

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— Swiftly Overtune Your Keys — Transpose your 6-12 strings tones without changing your fingering. An easy to move nature will allow a simple swipe to change everything.
— Superb Spring Tension — Fret Buzz and great intonation will be in your hands with our quality aircraft grade zinc alloy spring, giving a calibrated pressure evenly on your strings.
— Extremely Safe and Durable — The sturdy yet soft silicone quality won’t be a problem for your strings or guitar neck. Slide it all the way with ease without leaving a single scratch.
— Get Yours Now While it’s Still in Stock — Packaged with 2 silver and black set of capo, My String Capo (TM) will give you the best inspiring result you can’t find anywhere else. [TAGS: premium, rock, guitar, capo, electric, classical, acoustic, no scratch, quality alloy, ukulele, bass, strings, tuner, lasting, adjustable, beginner, durable, pro, professional, performance, 6 string, 12 string]