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Ideal entry-level system — All the advantages and freedom of wireless operation without cumbersome cords

The Nady DKW-Duo HT is a cost effective dual channel VHF handheld wireless microphone system. It’s easy to use — simply plug in instead of your wired microphone. Ideal for numerous speaking applications, karaoke/recreational singers, DJs, houses-of-worship, auditoriums, presentations, small performances, auctioneers, aerobics instructors and many other consumer uses.

This system comes complete with everything you need to plug in to a PA… including a connecting ¼”- to – ¼” audio cable. Just install fresh batteries (not included) in the microphones, connect the AC adapter to the receiver and to a power outlet, turn it on, and you are done! The volume of each microphone is adjustable on the receiver so you can get the perfect balance between the two performers. This affordable and reliable system couldn’t be easier to set up and to use!


Frequency Response: 80Hz-14kHz (±3dB)
Dynamic Range: 95dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.7%
RF Carrier Frequency Range: 170-216MHz
Frequency Stability: ±0.005%, crystal controlled
Modulation: FM (F3E), ±15kHz max.
Operating Range: 150 ft. typical-up to 300+ ft. line-of-sight

Audio Input: Nady DM-20D unidirectional dynamic cartridge
Controls: OFF/ON switch
LED Indicator Unit: “ON” (single flash), Low Battery Alert (steady)
RF Power Out: 50mW
Harmonic & Spurious Emissions: >-40dB
Battery: 9V Alkaline
Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
Receiver: Controls: Power ON/OFF
Connectors: 1/4″ unbalanced audio out jack, 2.1 mm barrel-type DC input jack
LED Indicator: Power ON, Transmitter RF (CH A & CH B)
Power Requirements: 9V @ 120mA, nominal, AC/DC adapter supplied
Antennas: Dual 15″ (38 cm), collapsible

Two wireless microphones and a receiver – Great dual system for karaoke, live performance, singing with friends. Operate either microphone individually or both simultaneously – Microphones provide up to 15 hours of wireless operation on a single 9V alkaline battery
Each microphone operates on a single separate channel in the high-band VHF range for reliable, interference-free performance, and excellent high-fidelity audio. 150+ ft. typical operating range – up to 300+ ft. line-of-sight
Easy, convenient operation with On/Off switch and low-battery LED indicator which flashes once for “Unit On” and lights steady for low-battery alert
Features the Nady DM-20 unidirectional dynamic cartridge for optimum, clear sound quality, maximum feedback rejection and minimal handling noise
Advanced audio processing circuitry for a wide dynamic range – no overloading for loud inputs or background hiss during quiet use. Special circuitry to eliminate transmitter on/off “pop” noise