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Nady MSC3 Microphone Kit

Versatile, professional quality microphone.
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Nady MSC3 Microphone Kit

Designed to provide top performance in all live stage and public address applications.

Nady Center Stage Microphone Kit

The Nady Center Stage (MSC3) microphone kit includes everything you need to take center stage — a high performance microphone, a sturdy metal adjustable tripod mic stand with mic clip, and a 20 ft cable (XLR to 1/4″ connectors).

Just plug in to your audio mixer or amplifier and you’re ready to rock. The MSC3 dynamic microphone provides superior professional performance with rich, powerful, full-frequency audio.Here are some trouble shooting tips in guiding customers 1) If a known to be working microphone is available, replace suspected faulty microphone with this one to confirm whether or not the microphone itself is at fault. 2) Replace one by one every possible component in the signal chain (cables, preamp, mixer, amplifier, speakers) any audio gear that would be in the signal path. 3) Double check all settings or adjustments on the mixer especially gain structure, EQ levels, and connections.For any further queries, please reach out to Nady’s technical support team @ 510-652-2411 ext. 237.

Key Features
  • Super cardioid response for optimum feedback rejection
  • Low handling noise
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Includes a high-performance microphone, sturdy metal tripod adjustable tripod mic stand with mic clip, and a 20 ft. cable (XLR to 1/4” connectors)

All-in-One kit includes a high-performance microphone, sturdy metal adjustable tripod microphone stand with clip, and a 20 ft. cable (XLR to ¼” connectors)
Dynamic microphone provides professional sound quality with rich, full-frequency audio. Advanced high-output neodymium cartridge provides clarity and definition, even in noisy environments, while cardioid pattern reduces feedback
Withstands high sound pressure levels without overload or distortion
Rugged, all-metal construction – External on/off switch on handle
Microphone stand features tripod base and adjustable height (34-60″), and folding legs for easy transport and storage.