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The Pucker Pouch™ is an ideal pouch for protecting your brass mouthpieces. Made of soft, durable neoprene, it offers a snug fit for two mouthpieces while keeping the ends open allowing moisture to easily dissipate. Now there’s no fear of damaging your instrument when tossing your mouthpieces into your instrument case!

The Pucker Pouch™ is available in three sizes:

  • Small: Fits Trumpet and French Horn
  • Medium: Fits Baritone and Trombone
  • Large: Fits Tuba

Easy-access pouch.
Organizes and protects brass mouthpieces.
Two padded pockets are internally coated with tarnish inhibitor to help polish the mouthpieces.
Available in three sizes: Small (fits Trumpet and French Horn), Medium (fits Baritone and Trombone) and Large (fits Tuba).
Made in the USA.