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Although music styles have recently began to boom in Africa, artistes are still struggling with international promotions and exposure.

Nowadays in Nairobi (KENYA), locals are finally embracing and loving their home grown talents. Kenyan music can be heard playing on every street corner. High end clubs and bars that once scoffed at the idea of playing local music are now seeing certain benefits of playing these in-demand songs. People want to hear the latest Genge or Kapuka jam (the new genres of Kenyan music that were created through this revival).

But given all the above, why are these ever-so-popular musicians still not reaping the benefits of their obvious successes? If one were to attend a concert it would be evident that these nouveau celebrities are living in the lap of luxury, what with the thousands of adoring fans scrambling for front row.

A decade ago there was only a handful of artistes trying to forge a name for themselves. At the time, in a continent where the only music heard on the radio were imported top 40 hits, it was practically a lost cause to follow a dream in the music industry. The popular music seen out of Africa were Youssou N’Dour and Salif Keita just to name a couple. These were the pioneers and legends for the continent.

But what of the new generation of music? A number of European music award organizations have started presenting awards for this category which is finally a step in the right direction and a welcome breath of fresh air. But African Hip Hop is still an untapped market. Does it in fact have a solid future and how long will it take before it hits the mainstream market?

Source by Lina Okoko

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets