Nova was formed by members of Italian bands Osanna ad Cervello and were based in London for most of their career.
Vimana is their second album,recorded after the departure of three of the original members,the new line-up included New GTrolls Atomic System keyboardist Renato Rosset and a number of distinguisjed guest musicians including Nararda Michael Walden,Phil Collins and Percy Jones.

Corrado Rustici – vocals,guitar.
Elio D’Anna – flute,sax.
Renato Rosset – piano,keyboards,moog.
Percy Jones – bass.
Narrada Michael Walden – drums,piano.
Phil Collins – percussions.
Zakir Hussain – congas.

Night games.
Poesia (to a brother gone).
Thru’ the silence.
Princess and the frog.

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