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The Clarineo is a clarinet in the key of C and has been designed to help children get started early with a real woodwind instrument. It is perfectly suited to general music programs in Elementary schools and provides a stepping stone for a future playing Bb Clarinet or saxophone in the high school band. It is made from lightweight polymer resins which makes it easy to handle, extremely durable and 100 percent washable. It is assembled from just 3 parts which makes it quick and easy to set up and put away at the beginning and end of lessons. The bell has a simple bayonet fitting while the mouthpiece has O-ring seals. The Clarineo uses traditional cane reeds (Eb Clarinet) as well as synthetic beginners reeds, both of which are provided with each instrument. The tone is smooth and sophisticated and lends additional color and depth to any ensemble and enables beginners to sound professional right from the start. The instrument requires little to no maintenance as it has durable silicone rubber pads and the springs are integral with the keys. The range is fully chromatic over three and a half octaves so is suitable for any music from jazz to Mozart. Kit includes cleaning cloth, O-ring grease, spare reeds and fingering chart.Lightweight ABS plastic clarinet in the key of C
Suitable for children ages 4 to 12 as well as adults and seniors
Smooth and sophisticated tone
Perfect for general music programs
100 percent Washable