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If you are looking for premium quality Singing Bowl Set for sound therapy, meditation or yoga you got to the right place!

Here is Tibetan Singing Bowl that makes amazing sound which going deep to your soul. This Singing Bowl produced with care from high quality metal alloy and comes with solid mallet made from natural wood and elegant cushion.

Our singing bowls manufacture in Nepal using hereditary methods of producing. They are widely used all over the world in meditation, music and massage therapy, sound healing, religion services, by musicians and for personal enjoyment.

Tibetan Singing Bowl provides the sound that touches your soul. New scientific research states that Tibetan Singing Bowls truly work. While playing our bowl it will produce spellbinding sounds and keep vibrating for a while. These long-lasting sounds promote relaxation, healing from stress and depression provides well-being and good health.

Here are 5 Ways where you can use your Tibetan Singing Bowl:
1. For Chakra healing
2. During Massage or sound therapy
3. For yoga training
4. As a musical instrument
5. Like an interior element in home décor

And if you order today we have a special bonus just for you: eBook “Guide To Singing Bowls” is an amazing book that discovers the history of singing bowls reveals how to use and play. Get it sent to your email just for ordering Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

90 days money back guarantee: We always care about the quality and the durability of our singing bowl sets. Our goal is 100% satisfied customers. But, if you are not satisfied for any reason, just return the product within 90 days for a full refund.

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MAGNIFICENT TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET – You receive the set which include 4 inch singing bowl made from metal alloy, wooden striker, cushion & paper box made from eco-friendly material. You also receive meditation eBook for balancing your chakras and strengthening your aura.
GREAT FOR MEDITATION, YOGA & CHAKRA HEALING – Tibetan Singing Bowl playing support stress treatment, decreases muscle pain and depression. While playing Tibetan Singing Bowl you brain waves synchronize with perfect resonance of the bowl. These sound vibrations also impact to your nervous system engaging your relaxation reflects and reduce pain
AMAZING SOUND & EASY PLAYING – No matter what kind of playing do you choose – rubbing the mallet around the rim of the bowl or striking it like a gong you will heard sweet and well-balanced sound.
TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET – AMAZING GIFT IDEA – Any occasion, either anniversary or birthday, this bowl set would be a perfect gift for those whom you love. Rest assured – they will be satisfied!
90 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Each Tibetan Singing Bowl we produce has been quality tested to make sure that you get the best sound you’ve ever heard! If in any reason you will disappoint purchase please keep in mind that you protected by 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.