Track 6 from Raindriver by Opus Science Collective (OSC) (2013)

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Chapter -6- Utagau Returns For Ame

Soon they were flying into the cloud and Utagau jumped from the bird who remained in flight within the cloud. Utagau ran like never before, heading for the Rainstation. He knew Ame would most likely be there, preparing to depart.

As he got near the Rainstation there were many other Raindrivers and Stationmasters around. He didn’t want anyone to recognise him, so he had to walk with his head down and try not to draw attention to himself. He would have to hide behind walls and around corners as he made his way, evading the Stationmasters as he went.

Soon he was on the main walkway to the Rainstation. The crowds were dense, but he had spotted Ame up ahead, very near the Rainstation checkpoint. She was suited up and casually chatting and laughing with a friend. He knew he had to get to her now before she passed through the checkpoint. He would not be able to reach her without detection once she was through the checkpoint.

He began to run, pushing other Raindrivers out of his way. They turned and looked at him, stunned with disapproval, although luckily none of them yet recognised him. As he got in reach of Ame a Stationmaster had noticed the kafuffle of Raindrivers being pushed aside by Utagau and were looking in his direction. He ducked down and with his head bowed, out of sight, he reach out and took hold of Ame’s hand.

She turned in shock to see Utagau. Stunned silent, she gazed at him. In the middle of the crowded walkway, Ame could not hear any sound, her head full of questions. Realising the sense of urgency on Utagau’s face and that a Stationmaster was looking their way, she panicked and looked at Utagau full of confusion. Utagau calmly fixed his eyes on hers and shook his head slowly from side to side. She looked longingly into his eyes for answers, but there was no time. She remembered sitting with him on the Cloud, holding his hand. She remembered the look of anxiety on Utagau’s face before he drove. She remembered how she felt for him.

Although not knowing how and why Utagau was there, she was comforted by his presence and trusted both him and her gut instinct. She gripped his hand tightly and they ran. They ran through the crowd, brushing Raindrivers aside as they went. Although in a state of panic, and focussing on the task in hand, Uatagau was brimming with excitement and adrenalin as he felt he was about to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Ame heard a Stationmaster shout at them from the checkpoint, but she didn’t look back. She was both extremely worried and strangely excited, but anxiety aside, she trusted Utagau.

They were approaching the edge of the cloud and Ame could hear a deep, loud swashing sound. As they turned a corner she was astonished to see a giant black creature flying among the cloud. She stopped in fear, pulling Utagau back. Utagau grasped her hand tightly and reassured her with an embracing smile. He shouted and waved at the bird who glided closer to them. Utagau and Ame jumped onto the bird’s wing and climbed to safety, nestling in the feathers on the bird’s back. The pursuing Stationmasters watched with wide eyes and fell to their knees, overwhelmed by what they had just seen. They, like so many who had just witnessed the return of Utagau, would have questions to ask and there was no doubting the events that had just unfolded would shake the very foundations of the Cloud’s civilisation.

Ame, still in shock had not yet considered any such issues. As the bird glided downwards towards Earth she looked around, moving her head slowly from side to side, feeling the wind on her face. She looked up at the Cloud disappearing above them, and she looked below at the green lands of Earth. She turned to Utagau who was lying on his back, exhausted from the excitement of the ordeal. He looked up at her and smiled with relief. She warmly smiled back. She didn’t yet understand what all of this was about. But she understood enough; that Utagau, the finest Raindriver of a generation had gone to Earth and back for her.

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